Pirate Park

Pirate ParkPirate Park is a land of adventure!  At one time it was known as Bethany Meadows, but now, I guess it is known as Rock Creek Greenway. However, one sign says it is off of Morgans Run, now known as Water House Linear Park.  It is a bit confusing, and it took me awhile to find Pirate Park the first time I tried. I hope you will find it and discover how much fun it is.  Even though THPRD can change all the names of the walkways, I am going to stick with calling this playground Pirate Park.  Obviously I’m sure you can determine by the park’s nickname that it has a pirate theme.  The actual size of the entire playground is not gigantic, but definitely a good size.  If you have little ones, and more than one, it can be often hard to see them because there is what I would describe as levels, or more specifically hills at this playground.  The hills on the actual play structure are made out of turf, and one side is quite steep.  (In addition, sand can sweep over there and make it very easy to fall and slip.  Be careful!)  On top of the steep hill or top-level is an island lookout, which has two slides, one for little kids that slides down to the play structure that is designed for younger children, and then another larger slide that slides down to the bottom where you will find the bigger ship play structure. So all total there are three structures, and a sandpit with a water-spicket. There is quite a lot to do at this playground because there are six slides, various climbers, two walkway bridges, two swing sets and cool turf that mimics the ocean or the deep blue sea.  It is one of the best parks on the westside, but as I mentioned earlier a bit hard to find because it is tucked back in a neighborhood. You will have to park in the neighborhood and walk down a path to see the park.  If you park at NW Meadowlands Ter and NW Energia  once you get on the path you will turn left and probably be able to see the big porta-poty, if not the playground.  If you park on NW Brandberry, which turns into NW Hackney drive and NW Energia then you will want to turn right and walk down the path.  If you keep walking on the path you will see the big red and blue tent that rises over the structure for smaller children.  I mentioned there is a porta-potty and that is all there is.  I wish there was a restroom!  However, there is a QFC and shopping area (Starbucks, Piccolo Mondo Toy Store, Bliss Cupcakes and more close by.)  Overall this park is great fun, and one that kids should go to at least once. It is a park that definitely captures kids imagination and the sandpit alone can entertain some kids for hours.  So check out this great park and have fun Playing in Portland.Pirate Park

Pirate Park

For directions to this park, click on maps. (This will lead you to park your vehicle at NW Meadowland Terrace and NW Energia St.)  If you would like to park at NW Hackey Dr and NW Energia st click here for an additional map.

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